1 Brazilian Sailor Hurt, 2 Missing After Antarctica Explosion

English: Map of Admiralty Bay Polski: Mapa Zat...

SAO PAULO, Brazil — An explosion caused by a fire left one Brazilian navy personnel wounded and two others missing at a Brazilian base in Antarctica early Saturday and forced dozens of researchers to evacuate, authorities said.

The Brazilian Navy said the fire broke out in a room housing energy generators of the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Base, a research station located in Admiralty Bay, King George Island, near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Defense Minister Celso Amorim relayed news of the accident to President Dilma Rousseff after being informed by the Brazilian naval chief, Adm. Julio Soares de Moura Neto, his office said.

Amorim was briefed on measures taken to contain the fire and to assist the personnel present at the base.

The defense ministry meanwhile identified the two missing as non-commissioned officer Carlos Alberto Vieira Figueiredo and Sgt. Roberto Lopes dos Santos.

A navy spokeswoman said she could not confirm reports from Argentina that the two missing were dead.

The injured, named as Navy Sgt. Luciano Gomes Medeiros, was first treated at the nearby Arctowski Polish Antarctic station and later transferred to the Chilean Eduardo Frei military base. His injuries were described as light.

Military personnel were trying to bring the fire under control, a navy statement said.

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