Girl 10,suspended from school for coloring hair with kool aid

BRIGHT, Ind. – An Indiana father said his daughter is headed back to school, Thursday, after making attempts to remove blue Kool-Aid from his daughter’s hair. Tuesday she received a note stating she wasn’t allowed at school until the color was gone.

Rachel Neeley, 10 got permission to color her hair with Kool-Aid from her father during a weekend sleepover with some other girls.

Several days later her father says he’s tried every home remedy to get his daughter’s hair back to her natural color, but without success.

Charles Neeley says he got the shock of his life when he got home on Tuesday and learned his fifth grade daughter, Rachel Neely, had been suspended.

Sunman-Dearborn Intermediate School principal Chris Vennemeier told 9 News that Neeley wasn’t suspended stating a formal suspension carries with it documentation that goes on a permanent record.

After the sleepover blue streaks were still visible in her hair when she returned to school.

“When she got home from school today(Tuesday), the first thing she said was, ‘Dad, I’ve been suspended because of my hair.

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  1. That’s obscene! I feel so sorry for that girl!

  2. yea i know im her best friend i did the same thing but mines like cherry red. and rachel if u read this call me bud i feel bad for you when you come back to school lol mrs. herman is going to hear this whole thing she got us in

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