Sidon,Lebanon gets rare snowfall

Sidon, Lebanon: People in Sidon witnessed a rare site Friday with snow falling briefly on the southern coastal city amid a cold spell gripping most parts of the country.

Locals could see and touch the snow that covered the streets of Sidon, an uncommon phenomenon on Lebanon’s coast, leaving an unusual but all the same pleasant spectacle.

Coastal cities have not witnessed snow fall for several decades.

“Mr., snow is beautiful,” commented a domestic worker from Sri Lanka as she mopped up a strip of street that runs parallel to a gas station in Sidon.

The storm that hit the country earlier this week is expected to continue into the weekend, with snow falling throughout Friday as low as 300 meters above sea level, according to the meteorological department at Rafik Hariri International Airport.

The weather Thursday caused damage across the country including power cuts, damages to public utilities. Authorities also said a drowning may have been caused by the storm.


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