Top members of hacking group Anonymous arrested after LEADER ‘betrays them and works with FBI for six months’

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  • Leader of computer hacking group LulzSec identified as unemployed dad-of-two Hector Xavier Monsegur
  • Secretly arrested last June and pleaded guilty to hacking charges in August
  • Has reportedly been working with FBI to bring down top hackers ever since
  • Court papers released Tuesday portray him as ringleader of hacking groups
  • Five members from UK, Ireland and US face charges

Top members of computer hacking groups Anonymous and LulzSec have been arrested across two continents after their leader – one of the world’s most wanted computer vandals – turned them in.

In a startling show of betrayal towards his fellow hackers, 28-year-old Hector Xavier Monsegur led authorities to the five people who have now been charged in court papers in New York.

Dad-of-two Monsegur, who has pleaded guilty to a dozen hacking-related charges, is portrayed in court papers as the ringleader of LulzSec, and an ‘influential member’ of Anonymous.

Ever since his arrest last June, he has reportedly been working with authorities to bring down the groups’ top hackers.

The group was allegedly led by Monsegur, who works under the alias of Sabu. The unemployedfather of two was living in New York’s Lower East Side when he was seized by authorities.

They found his address after logging into a chatroom without masking his IP – the address which shows a user’s whereabouts.

Authorities launched surveillance and watched him for weeks – but were forced to move when a rival hacker revealed Monsegur’s identity online.

As part of Anonymous, court papers claim he took part cyber attacks from December 2010 until last June, including attacks on Visa, MasterCard and PayPaul, and further attacks on government computers in Tunisia, Algeria, Yemeni and Zimbabwe.

As part of Internet Feds, he is alleged to have participated in attacks against businesses including HBGary Inc., a private security firm and Fox Broadcasting Co.

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