More details are being released in the claims that a Central Ohio police officer used a Taser on a 9-year-old boy last week.

According to a police report, a Mount Sterling police officer was called to a home shortly before 8:30 a.m. on March 6 in reference to a 9-year-old boy who was not attending school and had an active warrant.

Upon arrival, the officer said, he asked the boy to put on his shoes and coat, and go with him. According to the report, the boy put on one shoe, stopped and started begging his mother to go to school.

Police said the boy’s mother told him it was too late, and the officer then warned the boy that he had one minute to cooperate or the officer was going to remove him from the home.

The report indicated that the minute passed and the boy refused to cooperate. The officer said the boy took two steps toward the door, before he dropped to the floor and began flailing around.

The police officer said the boy refused all orders, and that’s when he told the boy that he would deploy a Taser if he did not comply and place his hands behind his back.

According to the report, the officer tried to handcuff the boy, but he placed his arms under his body and refused to cooperate.

The officer said he pulled his Taser from the holster and activated it into the air to allow the electrical current to arc and provide a show of force.

The officer said the demonstration did not work and that the boy continued to ignore orders while kicking and flailing on the ground.

The officer said he warned the boy again and that the boy’s mother also asked him to comply.

The police officer said he then deployed a “drive stun” into the boy’s lower back for the pre-programmed five seconds. The officer said he again asked the boy to comply, but that he continued to resist.

According to the report, the officer deployed another five-second “drive stun” into the boy’s lower back. After the second stun, the boy complied and surrendered, police said.

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