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More details are being released in the claims that a Central Ohio police officer used a Taser on a 9-year-old boy last week.

According to a police report, a Mount Sterling police officer was called to a home shortly before 8:30 a.m. on March 6 in reference to a 9-year-old boy who was not attending school and had an active warrant.

Upon arrival, the officer said, he asked the boy to put on his shoes and coat, and go with him. According to the report, the boy put on one shoe, stopped and started begging his mother to go to school.

Police said the boy’s mother told him it was too late, and the officer then warned the boy that he had one minute to cooperate or the officer was going to remove him from the home.

The report indicated that the minute passed and the boy refused to cooperate. The officer said the boy took two steps toward the door, before he dropped to the floor and began flailing around.

The police officer said the boy refused all orders, and that’s when he told the boy that he would deploy a Taser if he did not comply and place his hands behind his back.

According to the report, the officer tried to handcuff the boy, but he placed his arms under his body and refused to cooperate.

The officer said he pulled his Taser from the holster and activated it into the air to allow the electrical current to arc and provide a show of force.

The officer said the demonstration did not work and that the boy continued to ignore orders while kicking and flailing on the ground.

The officer said he warned the boy again and that the boy’s mother also asked him to comply.

The police officer said he then deployed a “drive stun” into the boy’s lower back for the pre-programmed five seconds. The officer said he again asked the boy to comply, but that he continued to resist.

According to the report, the officer deployed another five-second “drive stun” into the boy’s lower back. After the second stun, the boy complied and surrendered, police said.

New Pics of China’s Stealth Fighter

J20 stealth fighter recent test flight


U.S. soldier kills Afghan civilians in Kandahar Province

A U.S. serviceman has opened fire on Afghan civilians in Kandahar Province. Entering their homes in the middle of the night to carry out the attacks.

Syrian Girl – Kony2012 is a Con Africom military intervention

Kony 2012 a psy-op designed to garner support for AFRICOM and US agenda against China in africa.

Al-Qaeda makes ‘alarming’ advances in Yemen, U.N. envoy warns

Yemen, January 2010, 13


UNITED NATIONS — A reinvigorated al-Qaeda has made “alarming” advances in Yemen, expanding its military control over several southern towns and launching a series of brazen attacks that threaten the U.S.-backed political transition there, a senior U.N. envoy warned the Security Council in a confidential briefing earlier this week.

“The scale of these attacks serves as a stark reminder of the security threat posed by al-Qaeda,” Jamal Benomar, the U.N. special envoy for Yemen, told the 15-nation council Wednesday, according to a copy of the briefing notes obtained by The Washington Post. “Despite all counterterrorism efforts, al-Qaeda in Yemen has not retreated.”

Members of Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, as the group’s Yemen branch is known, have been “intensifying their attacks” against government targets since the election last month of Yemen’s new President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Benomar told the council. Hadi, the former vice president, replaced Ali Abdullah Saleh after 33 years in power in a transition brokered by Arab leaders and supported by the United States.

On inauguration day, Feb. 25, al-Qaeda struck a presidential palace in the provincial capital of Mukalla, killing 26 officers. More recently, Benomar said, al-Qaeda has launched a series of attacks on military bases in the south, killing more than 180 soldiers and capturing heavy weapons. Dozens of soldiers, he added, were reportedly paraded through the town square of Jaar, which has been held by al-Qaeda for several months.


At least 23 die as Ethiopian troops battle Somali Islamist insurgents

Witnesses say al-Shabab group forced to retreat after hours-long border clash with army

At least 23 people have been killed in an attack on Ethiopian troops by al-Qaida-linked Somali insurgents near the two countries’ border.

Residents in Yurkud village said the battle lasted several hours. Mohamed Hussein said he had seen at least 17 dead fighters from the al-Shabab insurgency lying on the ground after the battle stopped.

“We have never seen fighting as tough as that,” he added.

Another local, Ali Barre, said he had seen six dead Ethiopian soldiers in uniform being carried past his house. The insurgents had been forced to retreat, he said.

“We have killed 73 Ethiopian soldiers and recovered 20 guns,” said an al-Shabab spokesman, Sheik Abdiaziz Abu-Musab. He said five al-Shabab fighters had been killed. The militants frequently exaggerate their victories and downplay their casualties, while the Ethiopian military never releases information on casualties.


Air strikes in Yemen kill 45 suspected Qaeda militants

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile

By Mohammed Ghobari and Mohammed Mukhashaf

U.S. drone attacks killed at least 25 al Qaeda-linked fighters including one of their leaders while a Yemeni air force raid killed 20 more in the south, sources said on Saturday, in the biggest airstrikes since Yemen’s new president took office.

Militants have expanded their operations in southern Yemen during months of turmoil which paralysed the country and eventually unseated former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was replaced in a February vote by Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Local residents in Jaar, a southern town seized by militants in March last year, said Yemen’s air force had killed 20 al Qaeda-linked fighters at a military base, also destroying weapons and military equipment.

Last week, the fighters had seized the base from the government and confiscated weaponry and military equipment.

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Haitian president denies US citizenship shows passport to end nationality dispute


PORT-AU-PRINCE: President Michel Martelly displayed his Haitian passport on national television on Thursday to try to quell rumours that he gave up his citizenship and is not eligible to hold office.

“I am a native Haitian. I, Joseph Michel Martelly, have never lied,” the president said during a meeting with religious leaders at the presidential palace which was broadcast on national television.

The Haitian constitution does not recognise dual nationality for senior government officials, and politicians have been disqualified from office in the past for having acquired the citizenship of other countries.

Critics of Martelly, a former globe-trotting musician, charged that he had renounced his Haitian citizenship prior to taking office last May. Several opposition senators went so far as to open an inquiry into the question of his passport.

Martelly had already denied that he held the citizenship of another country but angered opponents by refusing to show his Haitian passport.

But on Thursday, Martelly showed reporters eight stamped passports that he’s held over the years as US ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten and other diplomats looked on.


Don’t Freak Out, But Iran Is Helping Venezuela Build Drones

English: Yuma, Ariz. (June 19, 2006) - An Unma...

Iran is planning to build drones for the Venezuelan military. Just so you know, it sounds worse than it is.

That’s according to Air Force Gen. Douglas Fraser, chief of U.S. forces in South America. According to Fraser, who spoke to reporters in Washington on Wednesday, the drones are to be manufactured in Venezuela with Iranian help and will likely be used for “internal defense.” The exact kind of drones isn’t clear. But the robots are probably too small to be armed.

“I would put it in the ScanEagle class of UAV,” Fraser told U.S. News & World Report’s military blog DOTMIL. “It’s not up into the Predator class.”

The ScanEagle is a small, unarmed, catapult-launched U.S. spy drone used by special operations forces. If Iran’s design for the drone’s speed and range are comparable, it’s highly, highly unlikely the flimsy robot could reach Miami from Venezuela to snap some pictures or take some video. Even allowing for the theoretical possibility that an aircraft built to loiter could max out its engine, top speeds and fuel supply for the 1,200-mile trip, it couldn’t go north of Florida, and it definitely couldn’t make it home.

In other words, don’t expect the skies above Sheboygan to fill up with Iranian killing machines under the order of Hugo Chavez. Assuming Venezuela could get them off the ground: Fraser said a fire recently broke out at the drone’s manufacturing plant, delaying its production. But think of it this way: an actual Iranian-Venezuelan drone factory exists, representing an upgrade in industrial cooperation from earlier joint projects like dairy plants and a tractor factory.


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Saudi crown prince in U.S. for medical tests

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef has arrived in the United States for medical tests, Saudi state television said on Friday.

Prince Nayef, who has been the kingdom’s interior minister for decades, arrived in Cleveland for “scheduled medical tests”, it said, without giving further details.

At about 78, Prince Nayef is part of an ageing leadership in the world’s top oil exporter, whose stability is key to the world economy.

The television said Prince Nayef had arrived in the United States from Morocco, where state media said on Thursday he had traveled for a private vacation.

Saudi liberals see him as an anti-reform force who is likely to take a cautious approach to social and political change. In foreign affairs, he is expected to focus on national security, having led the kingdom’s fight against al Qaeda as interior minister since 1975.

However, former diplomats to Riyadh and some analysts say he is likely to show a more pragmatic side as crown prince, and eventually as king.

Five Killed as the Israeli Military Bombardment of Gaza Continues

A total Five Palestinian men were reported killed on Friday by Israeli jetfighters conducted a number of attacks targeting the Gaza Strip. Sources in Gaza say Israeli tanks are still shelling parts of Gaza city.

The latest air raid was on Friday night targeting eastern Gaza Strip left Hazim Quraqee dead. Quraqee is a fighter with the Islamic jihad as well.

The attacks started on Friday afternoon as Israeli jetfighters targeted a Palestinian car east of Gaza City. The attack left Mohamed Hanni and Zuhier Al Qayissi dead. Al Qayissi is the general secretary of the Popular Resistance Committees based in Gaza.

Later on Friday evening, Aobed al Ghribawi and Mohamed Harrara were killed during Israeli bombing targeting the eastern part of the Gaza Strip. Both are fighters with the Islamic Jihad group in Gaza.


CIA & Mossad Death Squads Exposed In Syria

Author and journalist Webster Tarpley, from a visit to Syria, says it’s very simple: the Western powers, Israel and the Gulf States are the true forces behind the violence in Syria. They are funding Foreign Terrorist Snipers; “Death Squads”, to come into Syria and Murder Innocent Syrians randomly in their twisted bid to destabilize Syria.

Many of the so called “free syrian army” are in FACT just foreign fighters and fanatics, brought into Syria by the Western Powers, the CIA and Mossad, so as to engineer a false and highly exaggerated impression of the situation there, in order to intervene militarily in Syria and depose Assad’s Government.

Syrian Girl Exposes Al CIA da on Alex Jones

Alex talks with a young woman going by the moniker of “Syrian Girl” who recently posted a video breaking down the role of the U.S. and Israel in provoking unrest in Syria. She also eloquently dismantles the myth of al-Qaeda, the CIA created terror group.

Western hostages ‘killed by captors’ in Nigeria, Involved in construction of the central bank headquarters

British and Italian hostages killed after failed rescue attempt by UK and Nigerian authorities, with Boko Haram men responsible arrested.

Train With Methanol Derails in S.C.

Residents were being allowed to return home after a train derailment in Abbeville early Thursday prompted the evacuation of a half-mile area. No one was hurt when more than two dozen cars of a CSX train ran off the tracks around 4:30 a.m.

Shots Fired at Pa. Psych Clinic

Canned hunting ranch stops offering the hunting of the white buffalo due to public outcry

Just this past Monday a story had broken that had outraged and horrified a lot of people around the world. It told of a canned hunting ranch in Texas that was offering the opportunity to kill a white buffalo for $13,500. The white buffalo has long been a sacred animal to the Native American people. The story exploded all over Facebook and the feedback from it reached the owner of the ranch.

Late on Tuesday, Aaron Bulkley, the owner of the ranch, contacted the Indian Country Today Media Network and discussed the issue. He is aware that the white buffalo is sacred to the Native American people and although he claims to have had the picture and the white buffalo hunting offer on his website for 3 years, he has decided to take it down and no longer offer hunting on the white buffalo.

Aaron Buckley also stated the white buffalo are not as rare as is believed. He claims there are multiple breeding ranches of white buffalo all over the U.S. Although the rarity of the white buffalo was also brought up that was not the main contention of the protest against the killing of these white buffalo. It is however true that the number of white buffalo has definitely increased in recent years according to Dan Sharps, a biologist at the National Bison Range in Montana. The increase in the percentage of white buffalo can be attributed to better knowledge about genetics and breeding.

$13,500 to Kill Sacred White Buffalo in Texas—Can This Be True?

American Indians across the internet are flocking to the website of Texas Hunt Lodge today—and not because they’re planning a hunting trip. No, they’re alarmed by a page on the site dedicated to the White Buffalo Hunt Package, which advertises a chance to kill a white buffalo for $13,500.

White buffaloes are sacred animals to the Lakota Sioux and other Native groups, and there aren’t a lot of the creatures around. When one was born last year in Greenville, Texas, it was an occasion for much rejoicing. An article in the British newspaper Daily Mail extensively covered the naming ceremony of Lightning Medicine Cloud. That report said that “Lightning Medicine Cloud, whose name is also a tribute to a white buffalo born in 1933, named Big Medicine, is thought—in Lakota Sioux tradition—to be the third of its kind ever born.”

It may be that not all white buffaloes are created equal, for there is a herd in Bend, Oregon, that contains 11 white buffaloes. Even so, it’s safe to say there aren’t a lot of them; an article on the herd from 2010 said that experts estimate that there are less than 50 white buffaloes in existence.

The sacredness of the white buffalo is linked to the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman, a Lakota prophet who brought the Lakota the Seven Sacred Rituals.Understandably, this page at Texas Hunt Lodge has alarmed those who value white buffaloes

NASA to launch 5 rockets quickly to track winds


Hawk sounding rocket


Skywatchers along the East Coast may be able to see a NASA experiment that will launch a series of rockets to learn more about the little-understood jet stream winds that circle the Earth at the edge of space.

On a clear night between March 14 and April 4, NASA plans to launch five rockets in five minutes from its Wallops Island facility in coastal Virginia.

Each rocket will release a chemical leaving a long, milky-white cloud to track the winds that scientists will monitor from cameras on the coasts of North Carolina, Virginia and New Jersey.

The clouds should be visible to the human eye for about 20 minutes from roughly Myrtle Beach, S.C. to southern New Hampshire, and as far west as Morgantown, W.Va.

“People will be able to see it. They can also photograph it pretty easily,” said Miguel Larsen, a Clemson University professor who is the mission’s principal investigator.

The possible viewing area covers major cities like Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, although it depends on ground lighting, cloud cover and the rockets’ trajectories. Those in a smaller area from New York City to the Outer Banks in North Carolina might be able to see the rockets’ glowing exhaust trails. NASA plans to post pictures and video taken by bystanders on its social media sites.


Army Kidnaps 12 Palestinians In the West Bank

Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Wednesday at dawn, twelve Palestinians in several parts of the West Bank, local sources reported.Soldiers invaded several cities, towns, villages and refugee camps in different parts of the West Bank, broke into and searched dozens of homes, and kidnapped the twelve residents.

Soldiers also forced the residents out of their homes, and interrogated several youths.

The latest invasions were mainly conducted in the West Bank districts of Nablus, Qalqilia, Ramallah, Bethlehem and Hebron.

On Tuesday, soldiers invaded several areas in the occupied West Bank and kidnapped sixteen Palestinians, including four teenagers.

On Monday, Amjad An-Najjar, head of the Hebron branch of the Palestinian Prisoner
Society (PPS), reported that Israeli soldiers kidnapped more than 200 residents in the Hebron district, in January and February of this year.