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Rich Chinese thrill seekers paying £50,000 for ‘trip of a lifetime…’ to kill endangered polar bears

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China’s thrill-seeking nouveau riche are being offered a £50,000 trip of a lifetime – hunting down endangered polar bears, the Daily Mail can reveal.

The expensive price tag for the 10-day expedition across the polar ice pack in Canada includes the services of a taxidermist, who at the end of the hunt turns the trophy specimens into prized rugs for the “rookie” hunters’ living rooms.

‘The polar bear is the most extreme of natural enemies in North America,’ declares the Beijing-based I Love Hunting Club in its brochure.

Included in the cost are luxury facilities, hunting licenses issued by the Canadian Government, visas, an interpreter, “rifles and bullets” and the “highest standard of outdoor sports insurance”.

‘Each hunter is allowed to kill one male only. We then turn them into rugs.

‘Many Chinese buy expensive polar rugs smuggled into China. But these cost up to £40,000 pound each, so going to hunt for your own is attractive to my clients,’ said the hunting club’s owner, Scott Lupien, a professional hunter from California.

Mr Lupien says his club caters to two kinds of clients – experienced enthusiasts and novice tycoons seeking their first kill.

‘I also teach the Chinese about conservation. That is an important part of the trip. Hunting by quota helps endangered species,’ said Mr Lupien, who also offers hunting trips to South Africa, the US and South America.

‘If a male runs into a female with cubs, it attacks the cubs. Hunting males actually helps the young population survive,’ claimed fluent Chinese-speaker Mr Lupien, 43, who has been running his club in China for four years.

‘The animal rights guys know this but they don’t want to admit it. And if you believe the ice caps are melting as some claim, these bears are going to die anyway, so you may as well hunt them,’ he told the Daily Mail.

Mr Lupien’s website,, shows numerous videos  of Chinese hunters shooting lions, zebra, gazelles, moose, black bears and mountain lions, among other species.

 Scores of photos show the hunters posing with their kill.

The “only professional hunting club” in China was last night condemned by international animal rights groups and the public.


Maid of the Mist loses Niagara contract

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TORONTO, Feb. 22 (UPI) — The Maid of the Mist Steamboat Co., which has run tour boats at Niagara Falls since the 19th century, lost its exclusive contract Wednesday.

Canada’s Niagara Parks Commission said it has given a 30-year lease to the Hornblower Canada Co., a unit of a U.S. firm, The (Toronto) Globe and Mail reported.

Hornblower is expected to take over the tour boat service in spring 2014, the newspaper said. Hornblower’s U.S. parent runs boat tours to the Statue of Liberty in New York and Alcatraz in San Francisco.

The Maid of the Mist, which has offered tours since the 1800s, had a monopoly for four decades, The Globe and Mail reported, and there had been criticism about the lack of a competitive bidding process. Eleven firms competed for the lucrative contract this time around.