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Western hostages ‘killed by captors’ in Nigeria, Involved in construction of the central bank headquarters

British and Italian hostages killed after failed rescue attempt by UK and Nigerian authorities, with Boko Haram men responsible arrested.

Natural Gas Fire off Nigerian Coast: Explosions at Chevron’s Endeavor Oil Rig cause Fire & Collapse

After being rocked by explosions that killed two workers, a Chevron natural gas oil rig caught fire 10km off the coast of Nigeria. Over time, the raging fire weakened the KS Endeavor rig, and it collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean. Chevron reached an agreement with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation in order to drill at that location, and the country’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, has come under pressure to extinguish the fire. However, the fire has been burning for several weeks without change. Nigerian officials believe a build-up of pressure in the well caused the explosions, and a second oil rig has been set up to drill a relief well.