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‘Most tragic disaster in years’: Poland’s deadly train crash kills 16 (VIDEO) — RT

Two trains traveling towards each other on the same track collided head-on in southern Poland on Saturday night, killing 16 people and injuring 56 others. Polish Prime Minister has called it the most tragic train catastrophe in Poland in many years.

Scores of injured passengers have been ferried to hospital.

The trains, carrying about 350 people in total, collided in the small town of Szczekociny.

Officials say one train was traveling from the eastern city of Przemysl to Warsaw, while the other  – on the wrong track – was heading south from Warsaw to Krakow.

They said they had not yet identified the cause of the malfunction.

An investigation into the accident was launched on Sunday.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk visited the site of the tragedy early on Sunday calling it Poland’s “most tragic train disaster in many, many years.” 

Tusk said the trains were carrying passengers from Ukraine, Spain and France, but none of them appeared to be among the dead or badly injured.