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Over 500 policemen take over Police station

Posadas, Misiones, Argentina.

At least 500 policemen have taken over the Police Station in Posadas, Misiones Capital city, as they claim for better working conditions and a salary hike. Likewise, the policemen are requesting to be allowed to unionize their men.

Close to 500 police officers -including retired officers and fire fighters- have taken over the premises of the Comando Radioeléctrico located at the intersection of Uruguay and Trincheras avenue. Outside the building dozens of relatives of the protestor have camped and spent the night raising protest chants.

The protest started last night at 11pm when a group of 300 policemen broke into the Police Station claiming a salary hike as well to lift the suspensions issued to seven officers for having tried to unionize the force. As the night went on, officers from all over the province started to arrive to join the measure. This morning protestors were close to 500.